Because today is the day.


Be Kinder to You


Recently I posted on Instagram my personal struggle with self-esteem.

I come here to find myself



I come here to find myself as it is easy to lose yourself in this world.


Broaden Your Horizons

Sticking to what you are good at, and comfortable with feels safe and familiar.  It is always the easy way. It is your comfort zone.  Your safety net.  I will be the first person to tell you that I love my comfort zone.  I have to work hard, push myself into that unfamiliar environment.  But it is always when you push yourself, step outside of that comfort zone when you learn and test yourself.

You are a Badass.


Has anyone told you that you are a badass lately?  Well, you are!  Stop doubting yourself, your greatness.  And start living an awesome adventurous life.

Take Chances and Go Fast

I grew up in small town Michigan, with parents who loved nature.  We spent a lot of family time camping in the outdoors.  That love of the outdoors has been a part of me and who I am my whole life.  But I always thought of myself as a scardy cat.  I was always the cautious child, the mother hen.  "Careful, don't get hurt."  


I am not SuperWoman

The last couple of years have been a time of finding balance in life.  I really want to be Super Woman and do it all, but the truth is that I just can’t.  


Not good at much

I have to say that I have been many things in my lifetime.  As I approach 40, I look back and see that I have tried to be a lot of things, tried to do a lot of things.  And I was never really great at any of it.  I was mediocre, gave it my best but never really excelled at much.  Other than drinking beer, I am pretty good at drinking beer.

Adventure Photos

It is time to get outside, have adventures (with family, kids, friends, or even solo), enjoy nature, stay or get active. 

Here is an adventure of taking photos (which I am not very good at).  My goal is to capture the moments and memories of our summer outdoor adventures.  I hope you join me, and feel free to post your pictures here or on instagram - use #carbonadventures so I can see all of your adventures.

Sand Rails and Smiles

Getting dirty, falling down, eating dirt, scraping your knees and elbows.  Those are all things essential to building character and developing the love for the outdoors.  Getting off road and going really fast can help too!

The crew behind the scenes