Go Fund for SUP


My name is Deanna and I have an addiction to adventure.  I am a 40 year old mom of 2 who has a strong desire to SUP.  I have a passion for outdoor recreation, water sports and adventure.

The money raised will go to essentials for paddle boarding.  Board and paddle.  I already have a PFD that will be utilized.  Also, a trailer is desired to transport the gear for myself and two ninjas.

The funds will be used and implemented immediately as we are in season to find a great deal.  I have grown out of borrowed gear and need something I can call my own.

I am not shy to say I am thankful for your generous donation and hope you love the gift that you will receive.

Where your money will go:

1 SUP Paddle Board
1 Carbon Fiber Paddle
1 Enclosed box trailer

Friends and supporters who donate $12 + shipping will receive 1 really cool paddle etched glass.  Choose between pint, whiskey or wine glass.

Want more cool glasses?  Simply add extra quantities in your cart.


**** Disclaimer - this is not a real GoFund project.  However, you will get an awesome glass that is hand etched!  You are buying from am awesome adventurer, and when you buy from me the money goes to supporting all our family adventurers and helping raise 2 adventurous girls.

Living the Adventure


If you enjoy the outdoors, fitness, getting dirty, messy hair, smelling like a campfire, craft beer, getting a little sticky from toasted marshmallows after a day of outdoor adventures then you will probably like this page and me.